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How you can help your medical practitioner complete the DTC medical form

Use the Disability Tax Credit Tool to give your medical practitioner information they need to fill out the T2201 form. This easy-to-use tool will ask you some questions to get a better sense of your eligibility and restrictions. It will then compile your responses into documents for you to download, print, or email to yourself. Give these documents to your medical practitioner along with your T2201 form.

Using this tool can also help identify which disability categories apply to you, such as walking, dressing, or mental functions needed for everyday life. It will help you think about what symptoms you have and how they affect your activities. For example, loss of motor control may affect dressing. It will also help you think about how often your symptoms occur. Does this meet the definition of “restricted in one or more activities all or substantially all of the time”? Remember that “restricted” could either mean you cannot do the activity or that it takes you a great deal longer to do it.

Before using the Disability Tax Credit Tool, you have to agree to the DTC App Terms and Conditions. This is to protect your personal information and to make sure you understand that the tool cannot guarantee your application will be successful.

If you need any help using the Disability Tax Credit Tool, contact Disability Alliance B.C. at 604-872-1278 (toll free: 1-800-663-1278) or email


What province are you from?

Knowing your province helps us make this tool the best experience for you.

Important information about benefits for Indigenous Peoples

If you are Indigenous there are many things that affect the benefits you can get and the dollar amounts you can get from them. These include the agreements your band or governing body has with provincial, territorial, and federal governments. Before applying to any benefits, you should speak with your governing body, if applicable.

AFOA Canada and Prosper Canada are currently seeking funding to develop an online tool that serves the needs of Indigenous people living in Canada.