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All benefits - Benefits wayfinder

Learn about other benefits you could get by visiting our other site called the Benefits wayfinder.

After you finish with the four disability benefits in the Disability benefits wayfinder, you can visit the Benefits wayfinder to help you find other benefits which you may be able to get. These benefits could be other disability benefits and non-disability benefits. You can get your list of benefits by answering a short questionnaire where your answers are anonymous. You can also browse all the benefits in the website or you can also use one of the helpful twelve starting points of Newcomer/immigrant, Disability support, Caring for a child, Lost my job, Medical support, Emergency money need, Housing support, Caring for an adult, Education costs, Veteran, Indigenous and Senior/retired person. You can also filter the benefits based on whether you are already getting some benefits or you are not getting any benefits.

If you already have PWD designation, DTC, RDSP and CPP-D benefit, please look at other disability and non-disability related benefits you may be able to get at the Benefits wayfinder website.

What province are you from?

Knowing your province helps us make this tool the best experience for you.

Important information about benefits for Indigenous Peoples

If you are Indigenous there are many things that affect the benefits you can get and the dollar amounts you can get from them. These include the agreements your band or governing body has with provincial, territorial, and federal governments. Before applying to any benefits, you should speak with your governing body, if applicable.

AFOA Canada and Prosper Canada are currently seeking funding to develop an online tool that serves the needs of Indigenous people living in Canada.