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People with disabilities who live in the Northwest Territories and who meet the necessary age, financial, and ability to work requirements may be eligible to receive Income Assistance. Income Assistance provides financial assistance to those who qualify.

Each step involved in the application process for Income Assistance will be described in detail in this guide. You can leave the site and come back later when you have more time, energy, and any documents you may need for a specific step.

Benefit information

This process may take you several months from start to finish

This website helps you go through the application process step-by-step. You can take your time on each step. You can leave the site and come back later when you have more time, energy, and the documents you may need in a step.

If you are approved to receive Income Assistance you can receive

  • A food allowance (between $343 and $717 for a single person, depending on where you live)
  • If you have children, a Community Cost Adjustment (amount depending on where you live and how many children you have)
  • Accommodation allowance (up to the actual cost of your accommodations, often handled on a case-by-case basis)
  • Room and board allowance (in the amount of local rates)
  • Fuel allowance (for heating and cooking purposes)
  • Utilities allowance (power, water, and sewer)
  • Additional enhanced benefits, if you are eligible
  • Access to Productive Choices, a program to help you identify and work towards your goals (participation is optional for people with disabilities)

I am Indigenous. Is the journey different for me?

If you are Indigenous, you can apply for Income Assistance. As with non-Indigenous persons, you are required to apply for any other benefits you may be eligible for, such as benefits from the federal government. Up to $500 of any money you receive from an Impact Benefit Agreement, Treaty, or Land Claim agreement will be exempt and will not impact your eligibility to receive Income Assistance.

What province are you from?

Knowing your province helps us make this tool the best experience for you.

Important information about benefits for Indigenous Peoples

If you are Indigenous there are many things that affect the benefits you can get and the dollar amounts you can get from them. These include the agreements your band or governing body has with provincial, territorial, and federal governments. Before applying to any benefits, you should speak with your governing body, if applicable.

AFOA Canada and Prosper Canada are currently seeking funding to develop an online tool that serves the needs of Indigenous people living in Canada.